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It’s now high time you take care of what you love to take care of you, when you take care of your car it will surely take care of you. Service your car with substantial products that are assured of perfect results, it’s therefore time to change from conventional oil to synthetic oil here are the benefits:- 1. Cost less ware parts 2. It is cool and retain lubricating properties longer 3. Its less thinner courses less friction 4. It last much longer to require fuel changes 5. It doesn’t break down to heat quickly 6. Gives better gas mileage and uses less fuel 7. Saves you money There is more and that needs you to contact us for our service……. Jumtto k 0725-000311 Abagocars

Posted by Admin User on 8th Jan 2018 Car Paint Protection
Protecting your car’s paint is a worthy investment it adds value to what you cherish, by doing that it speaks of who you are. This can save you money from unavoidable scratches, swirl, harmful chemicals, oxidation, dirty rain water which will make it easy to wash. It preserves the painted surface which lasts longer and also repels dust compared to waxing, it enhances the look of your car and you will never regret it. How beautiful it is to protect your car paint. Abagocars

Posted by Admin User on 10th Jan 2017